Croatia Takes the Next Step in Coaching education

By United World Wrestling Press

POREC, Croatia (28 May) – The Croatian Wrestling Federation organized a weeklong coaching course in Porec to help develop their newer coaches. This was their second course in as many years, and they built off the foundations established a year earlier in the Level 1 course. The Level 2 Course (Introduction to Practice Planning) was conducted on May 8-12 in the beautiful city of Porec and was done in conjunction with Olympic Solidarity and United World Wrestling.

The course was led by UWW Educator Mr. Martin HAUCK (USA). During the course, the 28 participants learned the basics of designing a practice plan and how the practice plan fits within a series of plans. The coaches also gained knowledge on performance analysis, nutrition and weight management, mental development of wrestlers and safeguarding. “I am extremely satisfied with the seminar and the lecturer; I gained new knowledge and experience,” said Dinko Kremic. “During the seminar, you could feel that the educator cared for us and wanted us to do well. Mr. Hauck’s knowledge and how he passed it on to use was amazing,” said Petar Gluhak.

The Croatian Wrestling Federation also hosted a competition during the course. This allowed the coaches to practice learned skills and get direct feedback to improve. They also had a small session on cornering (coaching during the break) during that session. “The course and competition went very well. Participants were very engaged and active in both the theoretical and practical portions of the course. Their questions and ideas were in line with the topic that was being discussed and worked on to further their understanding in that content area.” said Mr. Hauck. 

Comments from Coach Participants:
“The course was very encouraging and innovative. Cooperation with all trainers and exchange of experiences helps in quick learning.”  - Filip Verčević

“This course was very useful because it allowed me to learn a lot of new things about the training and provided me practice exercises for those subjects, and it was a very good experience.”  - Luka Sunara

“The course itself was awesome. We had to learn from Marty Hauck, the most interesting and enthusiastic coach and mentor to learn from!” Ivica Florjanić


Pat Shaw Memorial - Regional Education Development Programme wraps up in Guatemala

By United World Wrestling Press

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala (June 12)---The 2024 UWW Pat Shaw Memorial - Regional Education Development Programme (REDP) recently concluded in Guatemala City, marking another milestone in the annual celebration of wrestling excellence.

From May 30 to June 6, the "Center for High-Performance and Development of America" (CARDA) in Guatemala City buzzed with energy as athletes, coaches, and referees gathered for an intensive training camp and educational courses. Under the expert guidance of Iranian coach Reza AZIMI, participants from Barbados, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, United States they have honed their skills on four specially prepared mats.

Parallel courses for coaches and referees were a key highlight, underscoring the event's commitment to professional development. The training camp and coaches' course were led by Professor Reza AZIMI, alongside Venezuelan Héctor CAMACHO, while the referees' course was conducted by Puerto Rican international IS category referee Abraham GALVA. These sessions provided comprehensive learning and growth opportunities for all attendees.

GUAAbraham GALVA (PUR) walks referees through their pre-competition meeting at the Pat Shaw Memorial. (Photo: United World Wrestling)

The week was characterized by an atmosphere of enthusiasm and collaboration, culminating in the Technical Congress on June 6. Esteemed attendees included UWWA President Francisco Eduardo LEE LÓPEZ, UWW Development Officer Yuri MAIER, the Executive Committee of the Guatemalan Wrestling Federation, and delegates and coaches from 20 nations.

The climax of the event, the XXXIII "PAT SHAW" Cup, unfolded on June 7th and 8th. With 333 athletes, 44 coaches, 16 delegates, and 25 referees participating, the tournament featured 526 thrilling matches.

This year's tournament was a testament to dedication and passion, with every athlete striving for excellence and glory. The event met all UWW requirements for official competitions, encompassing technological, medical, and sporting standards.

As we bask in the success of the 2024 UWW Pat Shaw Memorial - Regional Education Development Programme (REDP), we eagerly look forward to the next edition, filled with anticipation and confidence that it will further the growth and promotion of wrestling in our region.

United World Wrestling strongly believes that this is the way forward for the development of our sport through programs such as this that bring together athletes, referees, and coaches in an environment that is enriching from an educational and competitive experience, allowing many new participants access to an international event.