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Three golds for U.S. in women's Grappling World Championships

By Vinay Siwach

WARSAW, Poland (August 23) -- The United States put on a dominant performance in the women's Grappling competition at the World Championships in Warsaw, entering six grapplers in six finals.

With three winning gold and three silver medals, the U.S. won the team title with 115 points while host nation Poland finished second as it won one gold and two silver medals for 75 points. Spain with its three bronze medals managed 51 points to finish third in the team race.

The session began with Faye CHERRIER (USA) upsetting European champion Pnina ARONOV (ISR), 4-2, in the 53kg gold medal bout. Aronov pulled Cherrier down but it was the American who controlled and scored the two points.

Aronov tried different submissions but Cherrier got out of the lock with ease. A point was awarded to Aronov as Cherrier stalled and a scramble led the two grapplers out of bounds. Resuming in neutral, Cherrier landed another takedown with control to lead 4-1 and was cautioned for one more point but that did not harm her chances to win 4-2.

Alexandria ENRIQUEZ (USA) continued the streak as she defeated returning bronze medalist Adrianna WOJARSKA (POL), 8-0, in the 58kg final. Opening the scoring with a stepout, Enriquez controlled a takedown behind the arms to add two more points. Never letting go of her grip, Enriquez scored exposure and controlled two blank Wokarska 8-0 in the final.

Meshy ROSENFELD (ISR) denied the U.S. three out of three gold medals as she defeated Sheliah LINDSEY (USA), 7-6, in a thrilling final at 64kg.

Rosenfeld began at the bottom and Lindsey scored two points early in the final. But the Israel grappler reversed and controlled for a brief second, enough to get two points. Lindsey instantly got control on top and led 4-2. Locking Lindsey's leg, Rosenfeld got on top and was awarded two points with 50 seconds left on the clock.

Lindsey scored two points by getting on top again to lead 6-4 with 35 seconds left in the match. Rosenfeld gave it a last shot, locking Lindsey's legs and rolling to get the top position. Lindsey lost balance and gave up two points which made Rosenfeld a 6-6 winner on criteria. The U.S. challenged the call but lost.

Former European medalist Magdalena LOSKA (POL) won by submission over Christina HANSEN (USA) to give the host country a gold medal at 71kg.

Tara WHITE (USA) won a bronze medal last year but upgraded to gold this year, beating Janina CZYCZYN (POL), 6-2, in the 90kg and ended the day on a high for the United States.


GOLD: Faye CHERRIER (USA) df. Pnina ARONOV (ISR), 4-2

BRONZE: Zhanna KASKINOVA (KAZ) df. Martyna IWAT (POL), 2-0
BRONZE: Carlota PRENDES (ESP) df. Maria RATCLIFF (PHI), 8-2

GOLD: Alexandria ENRIQUEZ (USA) df. Adrianna WOJARSKA (POL), 8-0

BRONZE: Janette GLOGER (GER) df. Botakoz YELDOSKYZY (KAZ), 7-2
BRONZE: Melissa BENEDINI (ITA) df. Tina BARANTAR (GRE), via submission (0-2)

GOLD: Meshy ROSENFELD (ISR) df. Sheliah LINDSEY (USA), 7-6

BRONZE: Janine MUTTON (CAN) df. Julija STOLIARENKO (LTU), via submission (2-0)
BRONZE: Anna CASTELLS (ESP) df. Snezhana MORAR (UKR), 0-0

GOLD: Magdalena LOSKA (POL) df. Christina HANSEN (USA), via submission (1-3)

BRONZE: Alycia QUENEE (FRA) df. Giulia RODIO (ITA), via submission (2-0)

GOLD: Tara WHITE (USA) df. Janina CZYCZYN (POL), 6-2

BRONZE: Claudia FORNES (ESP) df. Magdalena ZASZCZUDLOWICZ (POL), 11-1
BRONZE: Tammy GRIEGO (USA) df. Assel KABDYGALYMOVA (KAZ), via submission (6-0)

World Grappling Championships, #Grappling

Poland shines with six Grappling Gi golds at World Championships

By Vinay Siwach

WARSAW, Poland (August 24) — Host nation Poland, after podium finishes in Grappling, took more silverware home as it won the women’s Grappling Gi team title and finished second in the men’s division.

Poland won six gold medals, three men’s and three women’s, to emerge as a top team as the Grappling World Championships came to an end in Warsaw after four days of intense action.

Adrianna WOJARSKA (POL), Magdalena LOSKA (POL) and Justyna SITKO (POL) were the three gold medalists for Poland in the women’s division as the country finished with 110 points at the top. Kazakhstan was a distant second with 56 points while Ukraine finished with 42 points. Both countries did not crown any champions.

The top two positions were interchanged in the men’s division as Kazakhstan finished at the top with 130 points while Poland was a close second with 107 points. Ukraine was third with 99 points.

Wokarska, a bronze medalist from last year, dominated the 58kg weight class winning two of three bouts before the final via submission. Up against fellow Polish wrestler Magdalena GIEC (POL) in the final, Wokarska was down on the first move but pushed herself out of Giec’s grip before hitting a double leg to take control on top.

Giec led 3-2 after the exchange but landed in trouble as Wokarska caught her leg with both hands. Wokarska rolled to put Giec in a cradle with the leg still gripped and got a submission with a minute left in the bout.

Magdalena LOSKA (POL)Magdalena LOSKA (POL) won the gold at 71kg after a thrilling final against Alycia QUEENE (FRA). (Photo: UWW / Dominik Borowczyk)

European champion Magdalena LOSKA (POL) added further glory for Poland and herself, winning a second world title in as many days. In a thrilling final at 71kg, Loska captured the gold medal after beating Alycia QUENEE (FRA), 3-3, in overtime.

Quenee got the first control and scored two points but as was trying to go for a leg lock, Loska got out of the grip and moved on top to score two points. Loska was called for stalling from the top which gave Quenee the point and a 3-2 lead. With less than a minute left, Loska sprung into action which Quenee tried to stall. That cost her a point but since both wrestlers had similar technique points and a caution each, a minute of overtime was added.

Quenee got the back mount position but she failed to score or submit in the minute and Loska won the gold in front of a small but loud home crowd. Loska had defeated Quenee in the semifinals of the No Gi competition on Wednesday.

The third gold for Poland was won by Justyna SITKO (POL) who defeated Tammy GRIEGO (USA), 5-3, in the 90kg final. Sitko got the first control to lead 2-0 before she put Griego on her back with second control to lead 5-0.

Griego reversed the positions but Sitko was too powerful to give up control. She did get penalized three times in the last 50 seconds for stalling but that did not stop her from winning 5-3, the three points for Griego being caution points.

Canada won its first gold medal in women’s Grappling Gi after 14 years as Jamie MUTTON (CAN) was crowned the champion at 64kg. She ended the drought of gold for Canada which last crowned a woman champion in 2009 — Sheila BIRD (CAN) at 63kg.

Mutton did it in style, by submitting home favorite Sandra PNIAK (POL) in 4:15, locking her with legs and extending Pniak’s arm which left the Polish grappler with no option but to submit.

At 53kg, Pnina ARONOV (ISR) captured the gold medal a day after winning silver in the No Gi competition. She submitted Diana LOMEI (UKR) in the final using a headlock.

Iker CAMARA (ESP)Iker CAMARA (ESP) won the gold medal in men's 71kg final. (Photo: UWW / Dominik Borowczyk)

Men’s Grappling Gi

Jakub NAJDEK (POL), who finished fifth at last year’s World Championships, gave Poland its first gold medal as he caught Pierre MANZO (FRA) in a strong leg-lock and forced a submission in a minute and 10 seconds to win the 77kg final.

Like Najdek, Pawel JAWORSKI (POL) also used a powerful leg lock forcing Jeremie BLAIN (CAN) to tap out in just a minute in the 84kg final and win the second gold for Poland.

Andrzej IWAT (POL) continued his unbeaten run at the World Championships since finishing ninth last year as he won the 100kg gold, a day after winning the same in No Gi.

Taking on the defending world champion Ivan MALIN (UKR) in the final, Iwat, like the other Polish gold winners, won the gold via submission in 43 seconds.

A brilliant arm-trap gave Iwat his second world title in two days. Iwat had also beaten Malin at the European Championships finals in both Gi and No Gi Grappling.

Ukraine did crown a champion as Roman KIZIUK (UKR) defeated Claudiu PATRU (ROU), 5-3, in the 92kg final. Kiziuk scored the first two points but Patru was awarded one point on two occasions as Kiziuk was called for no action.

But Kiziuk got clear control on top of Patru as he jumped over Patru to score three points. He was penalized again for stalling but it did not matter in the end as he held on for a 5-3 win.

At 62kg, Samat AITPANBET (KAZ) won the gold medal, the only one for the team champions. He faced Loris ZANOLINI (ITA) in the final and came out on top 3-2 after a last-minute effort saw him control Zanolini from behind the chest, confirming two points.

Zanolini had opened the scoring 2-0 before being called for stalling and a point was awarded to Aitpanbet. The two remained in a scramble for the rest of the four minutes but the Kazakhstan wrestler scored a late grip to win.

Iker CAMARA (ESP) denied Kazakhstan a second gold medal as he defeated Nurbek TALBUDIN (KAZ), 5-2, in the 71kg final. Camara’s win gave him the world title in both Gi and No Gi which he won Wednesday.

Camara decided to be on the mat which allowed Talbudin to score two points but the Spaniard easily defended from there and even got a point for Talbudin’s passivity. Another point was added to Camara’s score as Talbudin struggled with ideas.

A third point was added when Talbudin failed to score or get out of Camara’s grip of his hand and leg. The two continued to hold on to each other but Camara went behind and scored stalling the match in the final 30 seconds.

Kazakhstan challenged but the review showed no reason to change the result as Camara won 5-2.

John HANSEN (USA) put behind the disappointment of not defending his No Gi title and returned to win the Gi gold at 130kg. He defeated Talgat ZHIYENTAYEV (KAZ), 12-2 in the final.

After beginning from the bottom, Hansen got passivity points twice as Zhiyentayev failed to score after the initial control for two points. Hansen then broke the Kazakh going behind with a grip below the shoulders to get two more points.

With no defense, Hansen kept the control for three points and then five points to win 12-2 and win the gold.

Giorgi RAZMADZE (GEO) won his second gold in two days after Anthony DE OLIVEIRA (FRA) forfeited the 66kg final.


Women’s Grappling Gi

GOLD:  Pnina ARONOV (ISR) df. Diana LOMEI (UKR), via submission (9-0)

BRONZE: Alicja STYPULKOWSKA (POL) df. Zhanna KASKINOVA (KAZ), via submission (6-0)
BRONZE: Tetiana ASTAKHOVA (UKR) df. Martyna IWAT (POL), 6-3

GOLD: Adrianna WOJARSKA (POL) df. Magdalena GIEC (POL), via submission (2-3)

BRONZE: Janette GLOGER (GER) df. Tina BARANTAR (GRE), 0-0
BRONZE: Botakoz YELDOSKYZY (KAZ) df. Minerva MONTERO (ESP), via submission (3-2)

GOLD: Janine MUTTON (CAN) df. Sandra PNIAK (POL), via submission (2-2)

BRONZE: Antonia KANEW (GER) df. Fariza KULYNTAY (KAZ), 8-1
BRONZE: Julija STOLIARENKO (LTU) df. Florika LUCHYCH (UKR), via submission (0-2)

GOLD: Magdalena LOSKA (POL) df. Alycia QUENEE (FRA), 3-3

BRONZE: Shynar UZBEKOVA (KAZ) df. Christina HANSEN (USA), 2-0

GOLD: Justyna SITKO (POL) df. Tammy GRIEGO (USA), 5-3

BRONZE: Lolita OBOLEVICA (LAT) df. Sarshti CHOUDHARY (IND), via submission (6-0)
BRONZE: Janina CZYCZYN (POL) df. Halyna KOVALSKA (UKR), via submission (1-2)

Men’s Grappling Gi


BRONZE: Razmik MISAKYAN (ARM) df. Farhad BAGIROV (AZE), 5-1

GOLD: Giorgi RAZMADZE (GEO) df. Anthony DE OLIVEIRA (FRA), 0-0

BRONZE: Saveliy KAZAKOV (KAZ) df. Wojciech PAJAK (POL), 2-2

GOLD: Iker CAMARA (ESP) df. Nurbek TALBUDIN (KAZ), 5-2

BRONZE: Zoltan TOTH (HUN) df. Ousmane NASSUR (FRA), 4-2
BRONZE: Magomed DJABRAILOV (FRA) df. Yarin CHRIKI (ISR), 9-4

GOLD:  Jakub NAJDEK (POL) df. Pierre MANZO (FRA), via submission (0-2)

BRONZE: Natan SAP (POL) df. Shamil BALAYEV (KAZ), via submission (1-2)
BRONZE: Nikolaos POLYDOROS (GRE) df. Evyatar PAPERNI (ISR), 5-2

GOLD:  Pawel JAWORSKI (POL) df. Jeremie BLAIN (CAN), via submission (0-2)

BRONZE: Andrii BARKAR (UKR) df. Mateusz MAZUR (POL), 0-0

GOLD: Roman KIZIUK (UKR) df. Claudiu PATRU (ROU), 5-3

BRONZE: Mykhailo MUZYCHENKO (UKR) df. Ravshan URAZOV (KAZ), via submission (5-0)
BRONZE: Joris ROOKHUIJZEN (NED) df. Zhandos KUANYSHBEKOV (KAZ), via submission (2-0)

GOLD: Andrzej IWAT (POL) df. Ivan MALIN (UKR), via submission (0-2)

BRONZE: Bakdaulet ABYZOV (KAZ) df. Jeffery E ANDERSON (USA), via forfeit
BRONZE: Konstantin LI (KGZ) df. Mourad BENGHOUNE (FRA), 5-1

GOLD: John HANSEN (USA) df. Talgat ZHIYENTAYEV (KAZ), 12-2

BRONZE: Eldar RAFIGAEV (MDA) df. Ivan SNIHUR (UKR), via submission (0-2)